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Brewery Consulting

We offers a full range of value added consulting services to provide a complete package to our customers including: 

Engineering Design and Project Management: 

Our team works in partnership with your architect and general contractor to ensure that the brewery equipment will fit into the area designated for the brewery and that the best combination of functionality and aesthetics are achieved. Upon determining a final brewery layout, utility requirements such as water, steam, electrical, refrigeration, dry oil free air and drainage will be specified, and appropriate connecting locations will be confirmed. The brewery equipment will be delivered and installed including all essential components up to the dispensing of beer in brewpubs and the packaging plant for production breweries. 

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Fermentation bow panel.JPG

Business Planning: 

In preparing a successful brewery taproom/brewpub business plan, begin with a well-defined concept, create realistic financial statements to know how and why you will succeed, and apply logic to your site selection decisions. What distinguishes excellent brewery taproom/brewpub concepts from average performers? A highly qualified management team, an integrated brand building program, high quality award winning beers, and for operations that combine a taproom pub in their brewery, effective matching of beer and food. 

Critical success factors: 
1) Pay fanatical attention to your beers, their flavor and their quality. 2) Maintain industry leadership in your brewing operations, work with a reliable high quality supplier. 3) Provide a consistently high caliber of service to assure that your brand continues to be your customer's favorite. 4) Design eclectic, high-energy environments charged with ambiance and warmth. It's the beer, the people, the culture, and the music and ambiance. 

Architectural Design Services: 

These days, many craft brewers are opting to include a taproom with beer garden and beer-to-go sales space at their brewery, to strengthen their customer relationships, while increasing retail revenue.  This requires a combination of microbrewery and depending on the concept taproom and restaurant design elements. The design must be functional for efficient operations, using decor, furniture, fixtures and atmosphere to reinforce attention to your authentic handcrafted beer.  

P&ID brewery drawing example.JPG
10hl Czech 2-vessel brewhouse + whirlpool.jpg

Brewery Installation, Training, and Recipe Development: 

We offer complete brewery services including installation, commissioning, brewery staff training, and recipe development, utilizing highly qualified and internationally recognized award winning brewmaster technicians. 

Our brewmaster start-up services enable our clients to produce great beer from the beginning; technology transfer training provides our clients with continuity and hands-on control to insure their successful brewing operations, while also reducing the cost of brewing labor. Award winning recipes bring the magic of brewing to life. 

Brewing Material Ingredients and Supplies Sourcing: 

The art and science of brewing begins with premium quality ingredients necessary to produce rich tasting, fresh flavorful beers. As part of our services we supply high-quality malt, hops and yeast from the U.S., and around the world including an excellent selection of organic products. 

Barley and hops in lower Yakima Valley near Toppenish, WA.JPG
10 hl Czech Pacov brewhouse system.JPG

It's All About the Beer:

The history of beer began over 6,000 years ago, much later in 1516 the German's established the Reinheitsgebot purity law to provide assurance of quality, though the beers remained dark and cloudy for centuries thereafter. The first clear golden beer was brewed in 1842 by a visionary German brewmaster for the Pilsner Urquell Brewery in Pilsen, Czech Republic, setting a high quality standard that to this day continues to deliver an intensely rewarding taste. Craft brewers are passionate about the beer styles they brew and the fantastic local beer cultures originating from Germany, Czech Republic, the UK, Belgium, provided a great foundation.  More recently modern hazy New England IPA beers with amazing hop aromatics has brought this passion for brewing craft beer to a new level.

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