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50 hl 4-vessel brewhouse with high performance pre-mashing, flow-optimized mash mixing sys

Brewing Equipment

Excellence by Design – Custom built turnkey brewing plants


We are a leading supplier of high quality and energy efficient new and used craft brewing systems ranging in size from medium sized commercial brewhouse systems to taproom/brewpub systems of this scope at very competitive prices.


The fully automated brewery plants we offer are engineered with a flexible range of designs and sizes that match each client's product mix and annual production, featuring innovative brewhouse technology that produces excellent quality wort and high extract yields.  Our brewhouse systems are pre-assembled on stainless steel frames at the factory for ease of reassembly on site, significantly reducing installation time and cost.  The integration of modern brewhouse process automation and hop infusion technology helps our clients to consistently brew high quality beer.   


Turnkey brewing plants include malt receiving/milling/storage/handling, brewhouse technology, wort treatment, energy recovery, hop technology, fermentation cellar tanks, water supply, with options for yeast separation, and fully automatic CIP (clean-in-place) systems.  


For brewery taproom and brewpub applications, clients that prefer a warmer and more traditional European feel can select full copper Bavarian style brewhouses.  For clients preferring the cleaner look of stainless steel there are a number of options we can discuss.  We also offer smaller scale pilot brewing research and development plants.

Our brewing systems are flexible and designed for brewing all classic beer styles: IPA’s, Hazy IPA’s, Ales, Lagers, Stouts, Barley Wine, Saison and Farmhouse Ales, High Gravity Belgian beers, Sours, Fruit Beers, and Barrel Aged Beers.  For system sizing we can offer recommendations, of course what's most important is the features and sizing that are important to you.  


Engineering design and project management:  Our team works in partnership with your architect and general contractor to ensure that the brewery equipment will fit into the area designated for the brewery and that the best combination of functionality and esthetics are achieved.  Upon determining a final brewery layout, utility requirements such as water, steam, electrical, refrigeration, air and drainage will be specified, and appropriate connecting locations will be confirmed.  The brewery equipment will be delivered and installed including all essential components up to the dispensing of beer in brewpubs and the packaging plant for production breweries.


Since 1993 we have built a solid reputation by taking care of clients.  Our quality new and used brewing systems offer an excellent return on investment.

Quality Used Brewing Systems

Please contact us for details! 

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