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Distilling Equipment

We offer craft distillation equipment suitable for making Whisky, Bourbon, Tequila, Brandy, Gin, and Vodka.  Our traditional distillation systems are offered in classically shaped pot stills.


Pot stills are used for single malt whisky, bourbon, tequila, and brandy where 60 – 80% ABV is desired.  The addition of a rectification column allows the distiller to produce above 80% ABV, and are commonly used for vodka distillation.  For producing gin, a gin pot still is added for the addition of botanical flavors.  


Turnkey distillery plants are engineered and built to optimize each customer's scale of operation.  Pot still plants are pre-assembled on stainless steel frames at the factory for ease of reassembly on site, significantly reducing installation time and cost.


Every distillery has its own unique requirements for their system size, the product they plan to produce, type and size of washbacks, the degree of automation required, heating and cooling, distillery layout, and building related requirements.  We work collaboratively with clients to best meet your needs.

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