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Brewing Ingredients

As a leading exporter and distributor of wholesale brewing ingredients, we offer our clients the world's finest and freshest malt, hops, and yeast and wild strains, with quick reliable delivery and one-stop shopping convenience and efficiency.  High quality fresh ingredients bring out the best flavors in craft beer. 


The vast majority of American hops are grown on family farms here in the Pacific Northwest, the three state region of Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.  Over 95% of all USA hops and approximately 40% of the world's hop supply is grown here.   


Our mission is to connect craft brewery clients with family hop farms, to provide access to the highest quality hops and innovative hop products on a consistent basis and in a timely manner. 


McKinnon International Inc. has been sourcing hops since 1995 and our portfolio includes an extensive selection of public and proprietary hop varieties.  Hop product types we offer include whole leaf hops, T-90 hop pellets, cryogenic lupulin hop pellets, hop pellets blends, single variety CO2 hop extract and advanced hop products.  


Hop quality really matters as it takes great hops to brew great beer.  Hops are an agricultural product and throughout the growing season growers make decisions and adapt to optimize the quality of each year's crop.  At harvest time selecting the optimal picking window and the use of modern kiln process controls are essential for preserving the true to type essential oils of each hop variety.  For kilning the key is to balance drying temperature, air flow volume and hop cone bed depth to evenly remove moisture content. 


We work with breweries of all sizes so please contact us for your current hop contract and spot hop purchasing needs. 

Hops in uppper Yakima Valley 8-5-2022.JPG



Since 1986, as a pioneer in craft brewing and fermentation products, Wyeast™ has been contributing to elevate brewers' craft with the industry’s best yeast, wild and sour cultures, and fermentation products.  Wyeast™ propagates an exceptional selection of yeast and wild strains for all craft beer styles.   

When brewing is your livelihood, only the best will do.  That’s why Wyeast™ has been the choice of commercial brewers for over 30 years.  Wyeast™ introduced liquid yeast to the craft brewing industry and created the first premium liquid yeast bank with original cultures from around the world, and continues to expand their strains collection and provides the highest quality products to customers.  Commercial brewers worldwide count on the reliability, purity and extensive strain selection offered by Wyeast™ to produce beers of unparalleled quality and diversity.

Wyeast 1318 London Ale III Yeast -1.jpg

Photo Credit Wyeast Laboratories

Wyeast yeast strain in petri dish.JPG

Photo Credit Wyeast Laboratories

Guaranteed Quality

  • Premium liquid yeast packaged at 1.2 billion viable cells/mL

  • Guaranteed single morphology

  • All cultures meet or exceed Wyeast’s strict quality standards and specifications prior to shipment

90+ Yeast Strains

  • Wyeast™ Classic Culture Collection available year-round

  • Wyeast™ Private Culture Collection available as specialty orders

  • Unique blends for reliable and consistent fermentations with mixed cultures

Technical Support

  • Technical support to find the perfect direct pitch or propagation plan for your brewery​

  • Lab technician can answer any fermentation issues you encounter

Direct Shipping

  • Ships directly from Wyeast™ to your brewery

  • Always guaranteed fresh

  • Arrives, cool, fully viable, and ready to pitch


We offer an extensive range of domestic and international malt and specialty grain brands in bags, 1000 kg super sacks, and in bulk. 

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